Three Delights Caribbean Grill
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Three Delights Caribbean Grill brings a taste of the islands to the Rockies.  Our goal is to offer authentic Caribbean cuisine similar to what is to be found in a typical Bahamian home.

The proprietors of the restaurant are from the Bahamas; a tropical haven of seven hundred islands and cays approximately 30 miles off the coast Florida.  Although you can find almost any international food in the Bahamas, traditional Bahamian cuisine is influenced by varied roots primarily those of European and African origins that have been blended with complimentary spices and fruits found in the islands.  

The Bahamas is renowned for its beautiful sun, sand & sea complimented by the warmth of it's people and their hospitality.  It is commonplace to welcome visitors with a great food, drink and conversation in a relaxed atmosphere.  Three Delights Caribbean Grill is a casual dine in or take out restaurant that seeks to offer you a true taste of the Bahamas. 

"Yeah mon, come get sum, ya ga luv it!"

Three Delights Plate

Available Daily!

Jerk and curry chicken, BBQ (ribs, pulled pork, brisket), coconut rice, peas-n-rice, cabbage slaw, baked island macaroni-n-cheese and potato salad with cheese cake for desert.

Enjoy a meal starting from $6.99